by Dr. Michael A. Thompson

This book has been written for the Cambridge Pre-U syllabus Chemistry 9791, Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). There are thirty chapters written in the same order as the syllabus. Each chapter is divided into sections that match the individual syllabus statements. The chapters start with a short introduction that sets the topic in an interesting historical or modern context.

There are questions throughout the book for each section with answers given on this website.

Since the Pre-U chemistry course provides greater breadth and depth than the revised A-levels and IB chemistry this book will be of great help, not only to students studying for Pre-U, but also for those who want a greater and deeper understanding of chemistry as a subject. It is anticipated that the book will provide an additional boost for students taking chemistry or chemistry modules at university. It is an ideal book to bridge the gap that has always existed between school chemistry and university chemistry.

The front cover of the textbook shows a Borromean ring synthesized by the research group of Professor Sir Fraser Stoddart now at Northwestern University (Chicago, USA).

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